Additional Services

In addition to our Employee Assistance Program, SOLUTIONS assists employers in their human resource risk management through benefit design and the incorporation of employee assistance services (EAP) with other behavioral healthcare benefits and/or establishing a network of preferred behavioral healthcare providers in Indiana as well as other states.

Some of the additional services available to employers are:

Benefits Consultation
Consultation is provided to assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of a company’s behavioral healthcare benefit plan.

Although behavioral healthcare costs to an employer are “small potatoes” compared to traditional medical care, an unnecessary inpatient stay can be an expensive reduction on the bottom line. A benefit plan which insures that other equally effective, and less expensive, outpatient alternatives are among behavioral healthcare choices is one that will save healthcare dollars in the long run.

Using the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a gatekeeper to one’s behavioral healthcare benefits will help insure that users will receive care at an early stage. When this happens, issues are more easily resolved and in fairly short order.

Research demonstrates that many long-term or chronic behavioral health issues are more effectively solved through a combination of counseling and medication therapy and that this combination reduces costs.

For further information, call 800-766-0068.

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Employer Behavioral Health Plans
Behavioral healthcare costs are often overlooked and not fully understood. However, an unnecessary hospitalization or overuse of certain providers can have a large impact on the bottom line of a business. Business Resource Group (BRG) will assist in the development of benefit plans that may include Exclusive Provider networks, Preferred Provider networks, or setting up gatekeeping services.

Networks can provide a substantial reduction of costs for the employer while at the same time providing very effective and accessible behavioral healthcare services for employees and their dependents.

For further information, call 812-314-3409.

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Training Opportunities for Management Staff and Employees
Professional staff from the SOLUTIONS office are available to provide trainings on a variety of topics relating to the workplace, personal and interpersonal growth, and mental health issues. Onsite trainings are available for supervisory or employee groups.

For a catalogue of topics available for training sessions, contact Laura Gibbons at or at 800-766-0068 x 3798.